Apple Pie Anniversary

Love isn't always easy, but it’s always worth it.

Wini: "Sometime in the fall of 1957 I asked Stefy if she wanted to get married. She was so happy, she was singing and singing. At that time she was always singing. I sent a letter to her family about our plans and they insisted we get married in Braunlingen. So the date was set for February 1, 1958.

When we went to buy the airfare ticket, they told us if we were already married we could save about $300. $300 was a lot of money at that time, so we decided to get married at City Hall in New York for $5. It took three tries to get married by the judge. The first time, Stefy was not 18 and needed her parents' approval. The second time, a new judge did not require parental approval, but he did require a witness, which we did not have. Finally, on December 20, 1956, we took a bus in the pouring rain to the courthouse. The judge asked us the marriage vows. I said yes, and then he asked Stefy. She said, "Yes, yes, yes." Afterwards, I took her for a coffee and an apple pie. I gave her a kiss and put her on the bus back to her relatives. We call it our apple pie anniversary. Poor Stefy, she could not even show her ring because her family was very catholic and without the church's blessing they would not believe we were legally married."