February 1, 1958

Stefanie remembers her special day.

Stefanie: "The wedding in Braunlingen was beautiful. There was a long procession from my house to the church. The entire town came to celebrate. All of the men wore tuxedos and top hats. I bought my dress in New York City. Each week, my job paid me with dollar coins and one fifty cent piece. I would put the fifty cent piece in a jar every week and that money was what I used to purchase my wedding dress. The wedding party went late into the night. There was so much singing and dancing. It was truly magical."

It was customary for the groom to throw coins to the children of the village after a celebration

Things move at a rapid pace after the wedding. Between 1958 and 1961 Christl, Peter, and Heidi are all born. 1963 brings the Holderieds to Lake Placid for the first time. Stefanie lets Wini know that is where she wants to raise their family. By 1964 they had purchased their first piece of property, The Wildwood on the Lake.

Christl, Peter and Heidi at the Wildwood circa 1965
Christl, Stefanie and Peter cross country skiing on Lake Placid Lake
Stefanie, Peter and Christl, 1960
Peter, Christl, Wini, and Stefanie, 1961
Stefanie, Peter, Heidi, and Christl at the beach