Lake Placid

"You will come to know that what appears today to be a sacrifice will prove instead to be the greatest investment that you will ever make."
- Gordon B Hinckley

The first property the Holderieds bought in Lake Placid was a small motel called The Wildwood on the Lake in 1964. At that time, Lake Placid was primarily a summer destination. Route 87 did not exist yet (it was constructed in the mid-70s,) so Lake Placid was difficult to get to on small roads in the winter months.

Stefanie lived in Lake Placid at the Wildwood from May until October, running the motel by herself and raising the three children. Winfried commuted back and forth every other weekend from his job in New York City to Lake Placid (it was a seven hour ride each way.) They had only one car at the time.

The Wildwood's freshwater pool still exists today

It was not easy for the children either. As they got older, they had to start the school year in Lake Placid, transfer to school in New York City from October to May, and then go back to school in Lake Placid in the Spring. They spent most of their summer vacations helping their mother run the motel and playing in the pool. This went on for five years until they purchased the Holiday Motel in 1970.

Future GM of the Golden Arrow and IronMan finisher 2012, Heidi Holderied
Wini with the kids out West.
"When we lived at the Wildwood, I cried and cried because Peter and Christl were earning money working in the laundry and I couldn’t because I was too little. I could not reach the top of the table. So Mom got me a stool and let me fold wash cloths for $0.05 per hour. It made me so happy! And then, as now, Peter did most of the chores and helped Mom without being asked."- Heidi