Heidi, Christl Stefanie and Peter on top of Whiteface

In 1970, the Holderieds leased and then sold the Wildwood Motor Inn to Wini's best friend from Germany, Horst Weber and his wife Edith (their family still owns it today.)

Wini and Stefanie purchased the Holiday Motel (currently known as the Best Western Adirondack Inn.) The Holiday Motel had 44 winterized rooms - 22 rooms more than the Wildwood. This purchase made it financially possible for the entire family to live in Lake Placid year-round. The kids went to school in Lake Placid full time. They worked at the motel and played sports. Peter and Heidi were ski racers with Uncle Horst as their coach. Christl was a figure skater.

Christmas at the Holiday Motel
Stefanie and Wini working the bar at Holiday Motel.
Stefanie and kids circa 1965