Getting Ready for The Games

The 1980 games changed the little village forever

Bringing the Games to Lake Placid

Stefanie was on the board of the Lake Placid Chamber of Commerce from 1974-1984. She was part of the local team that fought to bring the Olympics to Lake Placid, and the only woman from Lake Placid to travel to Vienna, Austria, where the International Olympic Committee congregated to actually bid for the games.

Winning the Olympic bid
Golden Arrow Circa 1974

Build It and They Will Come

While Stefy was busy working to bring the Games to Lake Placid, Wini was busy preparing for them. The Holderieds purchased the neighboring property on the north side of the original Golden Arrow in 1978. Building commenced immediately. Wini first built the Alpine Mall and the parking garages (garages C&D today.) Then, Wini set to work building the 35 hotel rooms in the north wing of the building. During this time, the Golden Arrow joined the Best Western franchise.

Jennifer is born. At the time of her birth, Christl is 17, Peter 16 and Heidi 14. She is fondly known as "The Accident."

Christl holds baby Jenny as Heidi, Peter and Stefanie look on.
The family in their house on Mirror Lake, 1976.
Future GM of the Golden Arrow
The Golden Arrow beach