During the 1980 Winter Olympic Games

Main Street during the games

During the 1980 Winter Olympic Games, ABC used the Golden Arrow as its headquarters. The hotel was booked solid for three weeks.

The whole family got into the spirit of the Games. Christl, Peter, and Heidi all took time off from college to volunteer. Since they spoke German, Stefanie, Christl, and Heidi acted as hostesses for both the German and Austrian ski teams and diplomats. Peter assisted the "Bildzeitung," a German newspaper covering the Games. Winfried ran the hotel and kept an eye on four-year-old Jennifer.

Wini and Jennifer
Heidi and Christl during the Olympics

Housing was in high demand, so many locals welcomed athletes into their homes. The Holderieds personally hosted the Austrian ski team.

Heidi, Stefanie & Christl in the hostess uniforms