Growing the Family

Family Cross Country Skiing - 1996

This is a time filled with weddings and babies. In 1982 Peter and Kim get married in the chapel at the former Lake Placid Club. The have three daughters, Rachael (1978), Andrea (1983), and Natasha (1986).

Natasha (the future GM of Generations) & Andrea (the future Operations Manager)
Kim, Peter, and Heidi, 1986

In 1986, Heidi meets and quickly falls in love with fourth generation Saranac Laker, Bill Madden. They elope in New Zealand. Not to be denied a party, Stefanie throws them a wedding anyway. They have two sons, Alex (1989) and Peter (1993).

Heidi and Billy's wedding celebration

In 1987 Christl marries Paul Barrett in Lake Placid. They then move to Boston. She gets a job as a VP at Fidelity.

Both Peter and Heidi decided to raise their families in the area and began working in the family business. Bringing the grandkids to work was never a problem - nor is it a problem for the fourth generation. You will most likely see Jenny and Andrea's kids floating around the resort causing a ruckus.

Wini at his happiest - wood in one hand, baby in the other.
Stefanie with baby Alex