Build It and They Will Come

The Holderieds are finally granted permission to complete the 5th floor of the south wing and have the elevator climb the clock tower all the way to the top. Jenny's husband, Dave, and Heidi's husband, Bill, help Peter and Wini with this large construction project.

The Holderieds purchase the neighboring property on the south side with further expansion in mind.

The Golden Arrow ends it 26-year-long partnership with Best Western International and goes independent. With the advances in website development and online booking capabilities, the benefits of being part of a chain become less advantageous.

The west wing of the resort is built, adding 15 new rooms and 18 more parking spaces. The family also takes back management of the restaurant, renaming it Generations.

The boathouse on the south side of the property is constructed for guest use and as a beautiful event function space.