Coming Home

Jenny – During her freshman year at Hamilton College, Jenn meets and begins dating Canadian hockey player, Dave Webb. They have many adventures together before moving to Boston. Jenn attends Northeastern University and gets her MBA with a concentration in marketing. In 2001, Jenn and Dave move to Lake Placid. Jenn joins Peter and Heidi in the family business as the Director of Marketing. She was the Director of Marketing for 11 years before taking over as the GM (otherwise known as the “Big Schnitzle”) in 2012.

Andrea – After a solo cross-country road trip, Andrea settles in Colorado and begins working in sales. There she meets the Best of the West, Brandon Montag, and brings him into the family. Andrea and Brandon move back to Lake Placid in 2012 and become the first of the 3rd generation to join the family business. Andrea started out working in housekeeping and has risen to become the Head of Operations. As the Director of Group Sales, Brandon is working to expand the event component of the business that Heidi originally began in the late 80s.

Family Paintball Challenge

Heidi – In 2012, Heidi decided it was time for a career change and left the resort to become a physical therapist. She got her degree at UVM and works as a home health specialist in Lake Placid. She still helps at the resort with special projects and is the tie-breaker if an old fashioned game of Rock-Paper-Scissors does not solve a family disagreement.

Natasha – In 2013, Nati started working in Generations as a hostess and bartender. She eventually became the assistant manager and is the GM of the restaurant today. Her husband, Tyler, is a stone mason and has done the majority of the stonework at the resort. Look for his subtle touches – like the animals in the boathouse stonework – next time you visit.

Jenn and Dave get married. They have three kids:

Andrea and Brandon get married. Kids to date:

2014 – Natasha and Tyler, high school sweethearts, get married

Total number of grandchildren: 8

Total number of great-grandchildren: 3 and 1/2

Fun Fact:

Mike Arnold has been running the dogsled team that guests love from behind the Golden Arrow since 1981. Also a family business, now you will likely meet both he and his son, AJ, if you take a dogsled ride.