Going Green

Jenny: In 2005, our family decided it was time to take responsibility and make sustainability part of the Golden Arrow’s business culture. With the help of Audubon International, we created goals and strategies for becoming a more earth-friendly resort. Over the years, we have added features such as in-room recycling, solar-thermal panels, energy efficient lighting and heating, green procurement, e-waste recycling, storm water management, a green roof, and many, many more. By 2009, the Golden Arrow was the first resort in the United States to achieve a five leaf rating (the highest possible) by Audubon International.

The Golden Arrow goes completely non-smoking. Team members are no longer allowed to smoke while on premises. The Holderieds commit to an optional smoking cessation program. Any cessation method the team members choose, the hotel pays for - anything from nicotine gum to hypnotism.

Fun Fact:

Jenn, Peter, Heidi and her husband, Bill, climbed all 46 High Peaks (mountains over 4,000 feet in the Adirondacks) together. When you accomplish this, you are called a 46er. You can find the names and elevations of all 46 peaks embedded in the sidewalk as you walk around Mirror Lake.

Jenny, Heidi and Peter at Indian Head