So Much to be Thankful For

"You're mad. Bonkers. Off your head... but I'll tell you a secret, all of the best people are."
- Alice in Wonderland


Our family is blessed to have 11 family members working in some capacity for the family business. Everyone has their role and we do our best to support each other and make the Golden Arrow the best it can be.

Tyler, Natasha, and Dave

16 members live within a half hour drive of Lake Placid. In addition to being physically close, we love hanging out together. Every other year we take a huge family trip that none of us would miss. We celebrate everything with cocktails.

Lots of cocktails

We have big, noisy gatherings where at least one thing gets spilled or broken every time. But mostly, we laugh.

Heidi, Peter, Stefanie, WIni and Jenny in Gibraltar
The Holderied family visits Germany, 1998


Gunnar, Luke, and Fiona enjoying Santa's Workshop

We are adding two new members to the family next year. Andrea and Brandon are expecting their second child and Heidi's son, Alex, just got engaged to a wonderful acrobatic yogi named Zoe.

Z, Fiona, and Gunnar
Opa and Zachary, 2009


"To love a person is to see all of their magic, and the remind them of it when they have forgotten"

This year, Wini and Stefanie will celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary surrounded by all of their friends and family. There will be food, there will be music, and there will be dancing, but mostly there will be laughter and a whole lot of love.

46th Wedding Anniversary